Thursday, June 18, 2015

From Denmark Vesey and back to Charleston

I really don't have much to articulate regarding what happened in Charleston, SC last night, believe it or not, because there is so much that needs to be said about guns in this country but more importantly the violent nature of this country and as equally importantly how that anger seems to be focused way to much on one segment of our society, those who already struggle with a certain level of oppression to this day -- but all I can seem to do in my head is just fucking scream.

Luckily there's Charlie Pierce, who is at his best when he's angry.  If you don't read Charlie (I see him on you are missing out.

Please read here his piece regarding what happened last night and hopefully he doesn't mind that the title of this post plagiarizes him to a certain extent.  Thank you, Charlie, for saying what needs to be said.

As you know, I'm an atheist but I find it abhorrent on top of abhorrent to hear about this act of butchery, savagery and complete cowardice.  Our nations needs to finally get off its collection FAT, apathetic asses and demand a real change in direction.  Thank you.

UPDATE:  It's a shame that before today we, at least in the white community, had not heard of this church and understood its importance in our country's history and continuing importance in the African American community.
And even though these first two terms are unfortunately overused these days, this was a hate crime and a terrorist act.  It was also an assassination in that a pastor and state senator was killed.

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