Saturday, June 27, 2015

If I Was A Gay Man

If I Was A Gay Man

If I was a gay man
Aiming to be me
Loving love as I do
From the 1970’s
Would I retreat to darkness
Sheltered in my fear
I contemplate a different me
Not a life sincere

If I loved a man
Transparent as I am
My preference sleeved and ready
Friends I would not have
On the field of dreams
My glove did not perform
Cast aside for less deserved
For living in my soul

I love a woman
What if I loved a man
Today I could be married
Take my lover’s hand
Me no longer hiding
Not meant to feel ashamed
My passion wholly granted
I am who I am


Zebster said...

The more I read this, Phil, the better I appreciate it and I thought it was great the first time around. Thanks for sharing that with us. You have a gift.

R.J. said...

I love this poem! Thank you again for sharing it with us.

Brent said...

Awesome poem.